Friday, 20 January 2012

Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test

Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test is designed for intermediate-level students of English who need to refine their skills in preparation for the TOEIC test. The short practice test in each unit of this book follows the same style and format as the actual TOEIC test, but with modified vocabulary and structure. The goal of Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test is to familiarize students with the TOEIC test using language appropriate to their level. Each unit focuses on different grammar points that most commonly appear in the actual TOEIC test. One full practice test is also provided. Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test is extremely accessible to intermediate level students and provides an excellent foundatiion for the new TOEIC test format. Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test features:


Unit 1: Gerunds and Infinitives
Unit 2: Auxiliary Verbs
Unit 3: Subject - Verbs Agreement
Unit 4: Verb Form and Tenses
Unit 5: Participial Forms
Unit 6: Comparatives and Superlatives
Unit 7: Negation
Unit 8: Pronouns and Determiners
Unit 9: Nouns and Articles
Unit 10: Ralative Clauses
Unit 11: Conjunctions and Prepositions
Unit 12: Conditionals
Unit 13: Other Possible Questions
Unit 14: Review

Practice Test
Transcript and Answer Key
 Answer Sheet

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